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POF soft film
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The great silver POF five-layer coextrusion  soft low-temperature shrinkable film, as one of the high-performance shrinkable films, has all advantages of our standard common polyolefin heat shrinkable film, and has the characteristics of low shrinking force, high shrinkage factor, perfect low-temperature shrinking effect and so on. It is particularly suitable for packing flexible and irregular objects as well as heat sensitive products. Compared with a PVC shrinkable film, it has better shrinking effect at the same temperature and can realize perfect shrinking at the temperature of 120 DEG C. The product boasts its ultrahigh shrinking speed, high sealing intensity, and high tearing strength. During packing, it has high shrinkage factor up to about 70 percent. It has high hot slip performance and can be subjected to static sealing, so the packing process of the product is more stable, and the packing effect of the product is more perfect. Thanks to its excellent performance, it is applicable to all packing machines and particularly suitable for full-automatic high-speed shrink packing machines.
Note: MD represents the length direction of a roll film, and TD represents the width direction of the roll film.