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POF standard film
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The five-layer coextrusion polyolefin standard heat shrinkable film produced by our company has high grade of transparency and low specific gravity and is economic and practical. Compared with a three-layer heat shrinkable film, it has obvious barrier property. It shrinks in two directions during packing, and has quite high toughness, and stable and balanced shrinkable factor; after packing, it has a firm seal and small and soft corner, is cold-resistant, insusceptible to embrittlement and free from toxicity and peculiar smell, and is the optimal substitute for PVC heat shrinkable films. It prevents product surface from dust and peculiar smell, is moisture-proof, and can effectively protect a packaged object.
The product is suitable for semi-automatic and full-automatic heat shrink packing machines.
The product is in accordance with American quality test standard and SGS relevant test standard.
Note: MD represents the length direction of a roll film, and TD represents the width direction of the roll film.