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Service Concept
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Respect our customers, understand them, continuously provide products and service that exceed customer expectations, and be an eternal partner of customers. This is the service concept that we have been upholding and advocating.
I. We should think of customers first of all in every step we make. After the seller’s market has changed to the buyer's market, consumers’ concept of consumption has also changed. Confronted with a large number of products (or service), consumers are more receptive to products (or service) of good quality. The above mentioned quality not only refers to the inherent quality of products, but also a number of factors including product packaging quality and service quality. Therefore we must meet consumer demands comprehensively and to the maximum degree. ◇ We should stand on the position of customers (or consumers), rather than on the position of the company when doing research and design or improving service. ◇ We must have a sound service system, strengthen the pre-sale, in-sales, and after-sales service, help customers to solve problems arising in the use of products in a timely manner, and offer them great convenience. ◇ We should attaches great importance to customer feedback, allow customers to participate in decision-making, and regard the handling of customer feedback as an important part of satisfying customers. ◇ Do everything we can to retain existing customers. ◇ Establish a customer-centric mechanism, in which the establishment of units and the changes of service processes should be centered on customer needs; Establish a rapid response mechanism to customer feedbacks.
II. Customers are always right. First, the customer is the purchaser of products, rather than a troublemaker; secondly, the customer knows best about their needs and interests, which is precisely the information that a company needs to collect; thirdly, because customers have the “natural identity”. Quarreling with one customer is quarreling with all customers.
III. Three elements of customer satisfaction: Satisfaction with products: It means that customers are satisfied with the quality of products. Service satisfaction: It refers to the positive attitude of customers towards the pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales service for the goods they purchased. Regardless of how perfect the product is and how reasonable the price is, when it is seen in the market, it must rely on service. “The after-sales service creates permanent customers.” Satisfaction of the corporate image: It refers to the positive evaluation of the public on the company's comprehensive strength and its overall impression.
IV. The concept of 5S: “5S” is the abbreviation for “smile, speed, sincerity, smart, and study. The “5S” concept is the most representative innovation of the culture of service, which has not only the full features of humanity of the times, but also considerable practicality. Smile refers to a modest smile. A purchasing guide should have a caring heart for customers, which enables him/her to smile a genuine smile. A smile can reflect the tolerance of a grateful heart, and express cheerfulness, health and caring. Speed refers to the prompt action, which has two meanings: One is the physical speed, namely, to be faster at work, and do not let customers wait too long; the second is the demonstration speed; the sincerity and thoughtfulness of a purchasing guide will lead to customer satisfaction, so that they will not feel that they have waited too long; speed is the reflection of vigor. To avoid making customers wait is an important criteria for judge the quality of service. Sincere: When a purchasing guide can cherish the sincerity of servicing customers, customers can feel it. A sincere and inartificial attitude is the basic the fundamental state of mind of a purchasing guide and his/her principle of conducting themselves. Smart refers to the quality of being “tactic, clean and neat”, namely, to serve customer in a neat and clean-cut manner, package goods in a smart, agile, and graceful manner, and win the trust of customers with a clever and flexible working attitude. Study: It is necessary to learn and master the product knowledge, customer psychology, as well as reception and interpersonal skills all the time. Make more efforts to study customers’ shopping psychology, as well as sale and service skills, and learn and grasp product knowledge, which will not only improve the level of receiving customers, but also increase the work performances. ◇ We run companies to earn money, but money is not the mere goal, and we are not driven by greediness at all. ◇ Profit is a reward for excellent service. The pursuit of profits is the devotion which is made in the same way as spring winds inspire rains. As a result, customers are willing to pay without any complaints, and give us money full of gratefulness. ◇ Do not seek instant success, or turn service into mess plunder, extortion or deception.