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Company Profile
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MARYANT, INC. Established in 2018, MARYANT's goal is to bring the best service and the best products to our users. We are committed to cleaning products, cookware, pet supplies, pest control, garden supplies, smart homes, etc. We are multiple The parent brand company. And has many sales channels such as: Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Rakuten.
At MARYANT, we are based in New York, USA, with creative design, world-class products and customer satisfaction. We focus on customer satisfaction, product quality, and aim to be the world leader in consumer products. Our passionate team Bring excellent service and reliable products to bring a better life experience to the majority of users.
brand introduction:
MLMLANT is dedicated to cleaning kitchen supplies and supplies. The MLMLANT icon horse represents power, and the flying horse represents MARYANT, INC. Using the maximum power to help our users experience the best energy saving results
Bulky cleaning and cooking The meaning of work. MLMLANT text, MLML represents double power in China, ANT
represents diligent ants, MARYANT, INC. All employees, like ants, use our dual power to deliver our quality products to the world. corner.